A will brings security, reassurance and above all
peace of mind, not just for you but for those who
depend on you, either now or in the future


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Society of Will Writers

The industry’s leading non-profit making body which exists solely to:

Raise the public’s awareness of the importance of making a Will.

To act as a regulatory organisation to ensure its members are properly trained and fully competent. There are many Will Writing services advertised, but it is vital to choose one that is competent, professional and has the appropriate expertise and experience. All Society of Will Writers members go through a stringent vetting procedure and continuing training to ensure that they are suitable persons to properly write your Will.

Only a properly trained professional can ensure that your Will is correctly drafted, a badly prepared Will can be even worse than no Will at all.

The Society of Will Writers also offers a Professional Executor and Trustee Service through their own Trust Corporation should you not have a family member or friend who could act on your behalf. All of our Will Writers are members of The Society of Will Writers.